“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” ~ Pablo Picasso

REVEL is a modern art house that develops and represents curated fine art programs to support the fine art gallery market. We understand (and revel in) what it means to create art, and we revel in the joy of art continuing to be an important part of local communities and culture.

OUR world is changing at a rapid pace. Technology and the Internet have expedited and dramatically changed the traditional art gallery business model. Navigating the current landscape, trends and who’s who in the art scene is a difficult and time-consuming task which can quickly become a full time job. When REVEL enters the equation as an artistic partner with 36 year of experience and perspective, everyone benefits. We work hard to equally support artists and galleries, ensuring that artists can focus on being creative and enhance their fan community experiences, while galleries can rely on proven art and professional sales and marketing assistance to successfully represent art in their local communities.