Cömert Doğru - REVEL artist
Cömert Doğru
Hyper-Realistic Portrait Art

Cömert Doğru studied graphic design by trade at University of Turkey. He has illustrated for advertising agencies and publishing houses like Parsmaccann Erickson, Propoganda, Alametifarika, Bastei Verlag, and Altın Kitaplar, throughout Turkey, Germany and United States.  Cömert Doğru’s book cover illustrations for Stephan King are published in Artists Inspired by Stephen King; which includes best book covers and iconic movie posters for the author.

In 2012 he transitioned full time from illustration to fine art. He could no longer hold back his passion nor expressing himself within his work. He has attracted the interest of holding companies and collectors throughout Turkey like Mustafa Taviloğlu, İbrahim Kardıcalı, Raif Tezman, Raul Danon, Gökçe Meriçten, Şahan Gökbakar, etc.

Cömert’s notable charitable efforts include the Stars of Instanbul Project to benefit UNICEF where his piece won and was sold to the highest bidder of the evening as well as number contributions to the Down Syndrome Society, both of which hold special places in his heart.

Artist Inspiration Statement:
The woman figure is the origin of life and creation. They behold the image of beauty and grace… I choose to paint them realistically because they are perfection in their own creation. Pairing them with fish, my paintings come full circle encompassing elements of creation and death. The two together create an atmosphere of harmony and balance in my alternate reality. My work tells a story, one that I write for myself and transfer to the viewer for their own interpretation.

Cömert Doğru creates his own reality in his works, pulling from various movements with nods to Surrealism, hyperrealism, and pop art. His pieces interrogate the dualities of reality & fantasy, life & death, and a moment vs. eternity. In his Cinema series, he chooses iconic female figures to further the conversation between what is real and artificial. While at times outwardly provocative, Doğru’s intent behind his pieces is to capture the many facets of his subjects: confident, playful, strong, sensual, fragile; the subject of all that is she. He likes to leave interpretation to the viewer and prefers to narrate through his works.

Although he studied graphic design, Cömert does not use computer support in his hyper-realistic works. All works are acrylic on linen. He currently lives and paints in Istanbul, Turkey with his works being showcased in the US for the first time through REVEL arthouse.

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