REVEL arthouse FAQs

Artist Questions

How can REVEL help me?
We become a business partner to help promote your art program to qualified fine art galleries across the US. We shoulder the sales, marketing, and administrative work to develop and maintain gallery accounts, empowering you to use your energy to do what you love – create art and share it with your fans.
How much does REVEL charge artists to participate?
There are no fees, we only take a percentage of the sales we generate for you.
How do I submit art?
Fill out the application form on our Art Submission Page (be as descriptive as possible for consideration).
Who handles and pays for art shipping?
REVEL handles all shipping, except of course packing art up in the studio.
Do you work with International artists?
We do work with artists from most countries, please Submit Your Art for consideration.

Gallery Questions

How can REVEL help us sell more?
By offering proven art programs backed up with professional sales and service. Read more about What Revel Offers Galleries.
How does REVEL make money?
We get paid a commission on sold artwork, and do not charge artists fees.
Can I get exclusive territories?
We evaluate exclusivity of location and artist on a case-by-case basis.
Do you work with International galleries?
No, at the present time we only work with US-based galleries; please join our email list at the bottom of this page to stay tuned for when we expand to support international accounts.

General Questions

Can I buy artwork directly from REVEL?
We sell primarily through our wholesale partners (galleries, designers, dealers), and we also exhibit artists periodically at select art expo’s. Please send us an email about the artist or artwork you are interested in.