Introducing REVEL arthouse

REVEL arthouse - A Brand New Fine Art House
REVEL arthouse is a new brand in the fine art industry, and is sponsored by a leading US art publisher, Black Sand Publishing.

“Fine art” is a product that represents creativity and work by talented artists, and cannot be fully enjoyed or appreciated via online. Instead, REVEL arthouse will work with galleries and artists to support the classic gallery art sales model through existing brick & mortar galleries, where art can be seen, smelled, possibly touched, learned about, and certainly enjoyed much more so than in front of a computer screen.

REVEL arthouse will solicit, identify, and curate artwork from several mediums and genres, including original paintings, sculpture, multi-media, and fine prints. Subject matter will be a broad spectrum of today’s contemporary art, including figurative, abstract, landscape/seascape, surreal, and more.