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Who is REVEL?

REVEL arthouse - Derrick Hickman
Complicated Idea of Gone by Derrick Hickman

REVEL is an art house that speaks to you – the artist – because we understand… and revel in… what it means to create. Our world is changing at a rapid pace, the Internet and online technology make marketing art more competitive, yet more opportunistic. REVEL becomes a business partner to help promote your art program to qualified fine art galleries across the US. We shoulder the sales, marketing and administrative work to develop and maintain gallery accounts, empowering you to use your energy to do what you love – create art and share it with your fans.

Our purpose is to work with beginning to mid-career artists producing collectible contemporary art. We will help you build, plan for, and attain a long-lasting, creatively fulfilling career in the arts with broad exposure of your art. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you, the artist, flourish and rise to your creative potential.

Our mission has always been to be a partner to further develop your art program, to place art into proven fine art galleries where the general public can experience your art in-person. We get involved. We work as collaborators, as mentors, and ultimately as business development partners with an extensive network of successful galleries, dealers, designer, consultants, and media/art expo professionals.

Our art industry network has served as our ongoing education and idea pool. We leverage our access to trends and trendsetting figures in the industry as resources to connect you with career enhancing sales opportunities. Our gallery accounts build and invest in unique programs to showcase your work with one goal in mind: to introduce you (the exciting, contemporary artist) to collectors who want to purchase your work. The knowledge that we’ve gained throughout our 36 years of combined experience has instilled within us the intuitive ability to connect others – ultimately allowing REVEL to build an art network with the strength and potential to sustain and grow artists for years to come.

REVEL knows very well the challenges and pains of trying to grow an art program. Our expertise in Sales, Marketing and Production all come together to address your problems and help lift your art career to the next level of success.


REVEL greatly understands the challenges and issues artists face when trying to grow a professional art career. We help artists who are willing to help themselves – if you have the work ethic, motivation, creativity and personality to continuously push your program, REVEL will ease and speed up the process:

Why REVEL can help you
Amazon by Bryant Small
  • Time – REVEL shoulders the work related to marketing and selling art into fine art galleries, along with designing sales collateral, handling order management, providing billing and collections, and coordinating participation in shows.
  • Money – REVEL handles many costs outside of art creation, including shipping, reproductions, sales and marketing efforts, collateral, and more.
  • Inventory– gallery accounts need regular check-ups to maintain adequate art inventory, along with dialogue regarding types of art that are selling, retail pricing, gallery incentive strategies, product and program training for gallery staff, visual/wall display management and more.
  • New Markets – reaching a variety of galleries around the country is a tough, long process. REVEL’s proprietary database of US galleries, combined with many personal relationships, gets your program in front of more galleries, faster.
  • Services – REVEL offloads a wide variety of traditional artist business activities that let you focus instead on creating great art, such as organizing retail pop-ups, expo booths, and solo gallery shows; developing and promoting limited edition art series, and creating sales and marketing collateral.

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