Revel Loves Designers

Your creative partner for the perfect ARTeriors!

REVEL arthouse is a Contemporary Arthouse that knows the impact art has in an environment. It evokes energy and breathes life into a beautifully designed space. It is an outward reflection of inward desires and reflection of one’s self. With over 36 years of combined experience in the fine art industry, we are bridging the gap between designers and the fine art world with curated artists who bring that “wow” factor time and time again. You can rely on Revel to provide you with proven art and expert assistance to succeed with clients.

Vibrant by REVEL arthouse's Lea de Wit
Black Thoroughbred by Rives Rash


  • Provide liability for artwork to reach your destination.
  • Provide framing programs.
  • Cost of shipping is covered to location.
  • Augment brand awareness.
  • Fresh, emerging artists.
  • Established, sought after works found only at Revel.
  • Large, diverse Inventory.
  • Prompt fulfillment and drop shipping capability.
  • Originals, commissions, and fine art prints.
  • Expert art consulting specific to space based on
    clients needs and desires.
  • Industry pricing and incentives.
  • Expert sales and service support.

We want Art to be a continuously important part of local communities and culture.

REVEL is an ally to contemporary galleries and creative spaces, pairing them with the most suitable, talented contemporary artists from merging to mid-level stages of their creative careers. REVEL assists designers in reaching their goals by offering appealing and affordable art programs an approach designed to build long-lasting community and clients relationships. WE proudly represent and source works of artists who exhibit artistic integrity, aesthetic complexity, and that would be great additions to a 21st century contemporary design space.

We welcome inquiries from art industry people looking for sales partnerships… fine art galleries, interior designers, art consultants, dealers, and brokers. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll work out details with you for a win-win relationship. We are also open to co-operative marketing opportunities with media, trade shows, industry experts, and other agencies. Just send us your inquiry with details about your interest or opportunity and we’ll take a look.

At REVEL we view art like we view fine wine…

“It doesn’t have to be old or overly expensive. It’s good if it enriches the senses; offering your eyes and heart a rich experience as you drink it in, making you smile long after you’ve tasted it”.