Revel Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

REVEL is a modern art house that develops and represents curated fine art programs to support the fine art gallery market and encourage authentic, in-person art experiences. We understand (and revel in) what it means to create art, and we revel in supporting the Creation-to-Location art journey. We want art to be a continuing and important part of local communities, local culture, retail galleries and 21st century collectors.

OUR world is changing at a rapid pace. Technology and the Internet have expedited and dramatically changed the traditional art gallery business model. Navigating the current landscape, trends and who’s who in the art scene is a difficult and time-consuming task which can quickly become a full time job. When REVEL enters the equation as an artistic partner with 36 year of experience and perspective, everyone benefits. We work hard to equally support artists and galleries, ensuring that artists can focus on being creative and supporting their fan community, while galleries can rely on proven art and professional assistance to continue representing art in their communities.

REVEL works with contemporary galleries
Chanel Crème de la Crème by Stephen Wilson

REVEL works with contemporary galleries and creative spaces as an ally, pairing them with the most relevant, talented contemporary artists in the beginning to mid-level stages of their creative careers. REVEL helps galleries reach their goals by offering appealing, affordable art programs, an approach designed to build long-lasting community and collector relationships.

WE proudly represent and source works from artists who exhibit artistic integrity, aesthetic complexity, and would be great additions to a 21st century contemporary art collector. At REVEL we view art like we view fine wine… “It doesn’t have to be old or overly expensive. It’s good if it enriches the senses; offering your eyes and heart a rich experience as you drink it in, making you smile long after you’ve tasted it”.

If REVEL does not currently offer what you seek, please touch base with us. With over 36 years of combined industry experience and an extensive network of galleries, dealers, artists, and consultants, we know people and can find solutions! We scour the country in search of exciting art programs and have the sky miles to prove it! We love hunting for that perfect piece to make our clients successful.

We welcome inquiries from art industry people looking for sales partnerships… fine art galleries, interior designers, art consultants, dealers, and brokers. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll work out details with you for a win-win relationship. We are also open to co-operative marketing opportunities with media, trade shows, industry experts, and other agencies. Just send us your inquiry with details about your interest or opportunity and we’ll take a look.